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Kathy Lynn Emerson

What fun! And Iā€™m glad to know the azalea gardens are still there. We lived in Norfolk for 3 1/2 years when my husband was in the Navy (1970-73) and frequent visits there were a very welcome retreat from the real world.

Maryellen Webber

Thanks Mary Jo for sharing your cruise with us! What a great way to experience American history. I look forward to your second post of your cruise.

Alice Mathewson

Hi Mary Jo. What a great excursion. Sometimes we don't see the stuff on our doorstep as we are so busy travelling overseas. And a lot of American history that as a Brit I don't know about. Thank you

Sue McCormick

My oldest grandchild lives in Yorktown with her husband and two daughters. And I have been there on vacations. When we live in grater NYC we often drove down to vistit my sister in Washingtond DC. I have often driven over the highway and the Bridge at Baltimore. Than you for taking me back.

Mary T

Oh goody! I was hoping you would take us along on your tour of the Chesapeake Bay. It is another place I always wanted to see but never made it to. Looking forward to part 2.


Sounds marvelous, Mary Jo! Thanks so much for sharing!

Carol Reynolds

This looks wonderful. Also looking forward to the next segment.

Annette N

Thanks for the lovely descriptions and pictures. It is amazing when you consider this bunch of amateurs defeated the most impressive military machine of the time period.

This is a post I enjoyed even more then I normally do.

Hope everyone is well and happy and safe.

Pat Dupuy

I will have to look into that cruise! I've always wanted to do a Revolutionary War trail vacation.

Pamela DG

One of my favorite books growing up was Michener's "Chesapeake." I've visited the bay before, but have never fully explored it. I'll add it to my bucket list! The statue you admired is Washington, Lafayette, and Francois Joseph Paul, the Comte deGrasse, and Marquis DeGrasse-Tilly. At the time of Yorktown, he was the admiral of the French Fleet in the Chesapeake.

Laura Resnick

Sounds like an excellent voyage! (I love that movie, 1776. And I got to see the Broadway traveling company perform the play in Chicago when I was a child.)

Mary Jo Putney

Kathy, it just occurred to me that I should have included one of my azalea pictures! I'll do it now. We were there at peak azalea season--so many different colors! I can easily believe that the gardens were a wonderful escape from the real world.

Mary Jo Putney

Maryellen, seeing the actual places brings history alive as the history books never did!

Mary Jo Putney

Thanks, Alice. This blog has readers from all over the world, which is why I spelled out the American history that people from other nations wouldn't know. Of course, there is nowhere better than Britain for having marvelous things on one's doorstep!

Mary Jo Putney

Sue--how great to have well placed relatives! Yorktown has a very small population, so very cool that your granddaughter and her family actually live there. It was a charming town.

Mary Jo Putney

Mary T, I'm glad you enjoyed sharing the ride! This part of the world has a lot of layers of history.

Mary Jo Putney

You're welcome, Margaret! I love sharing my travels.

Mary Jo Putney

Carol, if you think you'd enjoy small ship cruising, it's worth taking a look at American Cruise Lines. I much prefer smaller ships for a lot of reasons, and ACL has a wide range of itineraries.

Mary Jo Putney

Annette, the more I study the Revolution, the more I realize what a stunning achievement it was. Not just the military win, which was amazing, but the way they created a nation and a new form of government out of whole cloth. The Constitution is a wonderful far sighted and adaptable document that still works very well more than two centuries later.

Mary Jo Putney

Pat, thoroughness would require adding in Boston and Philadelphia at the least, but this would be a great place to start!


I am dying to travel somewhere! How did the ship handle the meals, was it all served a la carte, instead of a buffet?

Mary Jo Putney

Pamela, the Chesapeake Bay is BIG. Lots to explore. Thanks for identifying the third figure in the grouping. It makes sense that it's Admirable deGrasse-Tilly, but I looked both on the site and online and couldn't find the name of the third man. Washington and Lafayette were easy to identify, but the admiral was elusive. (It could have been General Rochambeau, the commander of the French land forces.) It was a great victory, but the Americans could never have done it without the help of the French. (Who presumably decided to help us on the grounds of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." *G*)

Mary Jo Putney

Laura, it would have been fabulous to see the show live! I particularly like the debate over the egg, where Franklin asked what kind of bird they were hatching. He said a turkey, Adams said an eagle, Jefferson went for a dove. After several rounds of debate, the eagle won. *G*

Mary Jo Putney

Karin, buffets have pretty much vanished everywhere. We ordered from little menus that changed daily and offered a good variety of choices. The wait staff people were lovely, too.


Mary Jo, thanks for sharing part of your Chesapeake adventures with us. It sounds like a wonderful trip!


Mary Jo thank you for this adventure. How exciting to travel down the Chesapeake Bay and then see all the significant places affected by the Revolutionary War. When I lived in the DC area we often took day trips to see various spots of interest but seeing it over days on a cruise sounds like the best way to do so. We always combined these excursions with bird watching as the Bay area is wonderful for that.

How many days was this cruise?

I lived in the SW corner of PA where there are many historic markers for Rev. War battles, forts, incidents, burials etc. As a teen these sights helped me understand the amazing feat becoming an independent country so large.
Looking forward to your next turn and more of your adventure.

Mary Jo Putney

It was! Not as exotic as some places we've traveled,but this is a very interesting part of the world.

Mary Jo Putney

Margot, it was a 10 day cruise, which is long enough to see a lot, though certainly not everything! Pennsylvania certainly has its share o history!

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