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Sue McCormick

Well we won't be doing anything special today – the family get together must wait until tomorrow, but we WILL be getting together for desert tomorrow!

Sue McCormick

Off topic and addressed specifically to Kareni:

I showed the new word-based jigsaw puzzle to my daughter and she fell in love with it; we are now waiting for it to be delivered. Thank you SO much for leading us to this new famiy puzzle.

For those who don't remember – this is in reference to an earier post this month about family traditions. I thought I should share our family's joy with everyone here.

Mary Jo Putney

Anne, let me check the flight times to figure out how long it will take to fly to your house. *G*

Anne Gracie

That's a nice idea, Sue -- to come just for dessert, rather than the big (too big) feast that is usually Christmas dinner. Enjoy.

Anne Gracie

Sue, I remember this discussion and I suspect a lot of readers do. Where did you find it? Could you post an URL?

Anne Gracie

LOL Mary Jo. I suspect most houses will have a fridge stuffed full of leftovers by now.


I follow a blog called Natasha's Kitchen. She has a wonderful recipe for Pavlova as well, but they're minis! And adorable. I've never seen a 'tree'.

I did the whole prime rib with sauteed mushrooms and sprouts with bacon for dinner Christmas eve. Then Thing 1 and Thing 2 go to their inlaws for Christmas day and hubs and I do nothing. It's perfect ;) It was 57 here today though. Definitely Not the 8 degree weather we usually have in Mid Michigan!

Oh! And for dessert for us? Eggnog cheesecake. Fabulous!

Merry Christmas all and a Happy upcoming New Year. :)

Jeanne Behnke

Well, no Boxing Day for me. I'm at work. Very sad except for catching up on my Word Wench Blogs. It's not very busy. I have a few leftovers at home but we went to friends to eat for Christmas so nothing exciting. I am reading a good book though!

Anne Gracie

Theo, this is the first pavlova tree I've seen as well. Never seen an eggnog cheesecake -- might have to look up that recipe. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas.
Thanks for being a friend of the wenches. All the best for 2020.

Anne Gracie

Jeanne, I really feel sorry for people working on Boxing Day, especially those who work in shops and in sales. I think it's especially hard on women. They carry most of the load at home on Christmas Day, and then wham! back at work on one of the craziest days of the year.
I suspect it's the same in the US, with ThanksGiving followed by Black Friday.
All the best for 2020.



How lovely to hear that the new word puzzle is on its way and is eagerly anticipated. Thank you for brightening my day with your message.

My husband and I started a jigsaw puzzle last night, so I'll be puzzling with you in solidarity!


Here's the puzzle information, Anne.

100 Great Words Puzzle



Anne, what a wonderful post! I'm drooling at the idea of pavlova; it's been quite some years since I've eaten one.

Anne Gracie

Thanks for that link, Kareni. I'm sure plenty of wenchly readers (including me) will be grateful.

Anne Gracie

It's the perfect summer dessert food, really, and very easy to make.


Anne, Thank you so much! I never thought I'd find a vegan recipe (and a delicious sounding one at that) here at the Word Wenches. Good organic berries aren't in season here in the North East U.S., so I'll have to safeguard this until next summer. It's been a bit of a glum Boxing Day here amidst saying good-bye to family members and the madness at RWA, but for a day off from work during which I also did no cooking, no cleaning, and no shopping, it wasn't all bad, especially after finding this delicious post. Happy New Year!

Anne Gracie

Margaret, I'm so glad you enjoyed my "foodie" post, and even better that you enjoyed a relaxing day off work β€” of all kinds. You could always use frozen berries, but a pav is a good summer dessert. And my friend who has a vegan daughter tried that vegan pavlova on Christmas Day and thought it worked really well. Apparently the liquid from the chick pea can has absorbed some chick pea protein and acts much like egg-white.

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