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Mary T

I couldn't decide if I was more Phlegmatic or Melancholic. I'm somewhere in there. What a great post! I learn so much reading this blog.

Alison Y

Great post, Nicola.
The house is beautiful. I would love to see it in the silver and cream coloration, but that would certainly be less dramatic. Imagine cleaning all those windows!
Have they been able to finally shore it up, or is it still in danger of falling down?
I don't seem to fit in any one temperament group. The only one that does not apply is sanguine. And I must say, the names of the "humours" are kind of off-putting.
I love this blog. As Mary T wrote, there is so much to learn from it.


What a wonderful post, Nicola. Little Moreton Hall sounds like a lovely place to visit.

As to humours, I think I'm a blend of phlegmatic and choleric. I'll take my spiced lamb with a side of salad, please.

Lynda X

I had to look up what a knot garden is. "A formal garden in an intricate design." So, why is it called knot, then? How is this different from just a formal garden? Do you have a picture of this fascinating house's garden?

Alison Y

If you look up Little Moreton Hall on Wikipedia, there is a picture of the knot garden.

Sue McCormick

I don't know what humour i am – but it's probably extreme. in the 1940s, when i was in college weh took a test in order to understand the testing process. i elected to take the personality test; I came out neither introvert nor extrovert, but I did this by alternativiely testing in the 90th percentie for one trait or the other. in other words i am extremely introvert AND extremely extrovert and they cancel each other out!

A fascinating house. Thank you for taking me there.


I think like most of us, I'm a combination of different humors. I love the look of a Tudor house, but I don't think I'd like to live in one. It seems like it would be dark inside with the small windows. That's what I've noticed in the faux Tudor-style bungalows that were built in my area in the early part of the 20th century.


Amazing looking house and I loved that long hall. That gives a perspective of size. Houses that shift are a little unnerving in that one never knows when they will say - "I'm done" and collapse. I lived in a house that was settling and we would roll marbles down the floor to see which would get to the other end first.
As for Tudor humour - I think I fit Phlegmatic best with a touch of the others added in.
Love the story of this unique spot - thank you for sharing it and the photos.

Gail Mallin

Great post, Nicola. I love these Tudor black and white houses though I once make the mistake of visiting Gawsworth Hall, also in Cheshire, on a Bank Holiday Monday. It was so crowded you could barely see anything! My favourite one is Rufford Old Hall, it isn't as big or splendid as Moreton, but there is a family connection and my grandfather used to play there as a child.
Not sure what humour I am as I seem to have bits of them all. Thank goodness I don't live in Tudor times, I think my mixed up disposition would have probably created a problem for any doctor trying to treat me :-)

Teresa Broderick

I'd love to be able to visit this house. It's fascinating. I echo the comment above, I learn so much here. Brilliant post Nicola.

Nicola cornick

Thanks so much, Mary! I do think the humours seem to overlap quite a bit!

Nicola cornick

Thank you, Alison. It is gorgeous, isn't it. Yes, they have managed to stabilise the house now but I think it's a constant process of conservation.
The names of the humours aren't very attractive, are they!

Nicola cornick

That sounds a tasty meal, Kareni, unlike some of the other recipes they suggest to balance the humours!

Nicola cornick

Thanks for posting that, Alison. I do have some photos of the garden but for some reason type pad wouldn't let me post them up! I think a knot garden was a very specific Tudor style. I must read up on it.

Nicola cornick

That's very strange, Sue! Perhaps you have some strong extrovert and strong introvert qualities that can't be easily parcelled into one personality trait!

Nicola cornick

Yes, a lot of the old houses are very dark because glass was so expensive and windows draughty. They are lovely to look at but not so comfortable to live in!

Nicola cornick

Thanks, Margot, I am so glad you enjoyed it. Love the story about rolling marbles down the floor!

Nicola cornick

Hi Gail! I loved Gawsworth too but I wouldn't think it could cope with too many crowds! How fantastic to have a family connection to Rufford.

Nicola cornick

Thank you so much, Teresa!

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