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Mary Jo Putney

Animal magnetism! Just what a romance needs. *G* Thanks for the fun background. I'm looking forward to this one.

Sue McCormick

I certainly enjoyed this footnote to science.

I did know that Mesmer had some serious backing (as well as a certain amount of interest to authors —Svengali?) but I had not known it was quite this prestigious. Mass Hypnosis is another matter (and one I'm skeptical of) but It works in stories, and I'm all for what works in stories!

(Is sceptic British? Neither my spellchecker nor my 1965 Merriam Webster's liked that spelling at All!)

Patricia Rice

Yes, I fear "sceptic" is British. Us Ugly Americans go with "skeptic."

Mass hypnosis is entertaining to consider but I sure hate the thought that it's possible. The power of suggestion, though, has just about been proven by TV commercials.

Anne Gracie

Very interesting, Pat -- I've been in crowds that I've seen swayed by powerful speakers. I think it's more catching onto the mood of the hour and setting a spark to it. But I've also been hypnotized -- I was sceptical, too, beforehand -- so I know that's real.

Patricia Rice

I know one-on-one hypnosis is real and a proven psychological technique--which is essentially what Mesmer was doing. But I really need an explanation for mob mentality! People seem to lose their minds.


Mob mentality is a fascinating but fearful phenomenon. I've always wondered what happened to reasonable and rational people that allowed people like Hitler to flourish. I should think there are some essays dealing with that. Just watching two of our current presidential contenders here in the U.S. and being a bit more familiar with the economic situation of today, I can see that fear leads to anger. I think people who would otherwise be ashamed of their thoughts and feelings or at least not be willing to act on them for fear of reprisal, gain a sort of courage from knowing they are not alone in having the thoughts they do. In a large group as at a political rally, there is also a sense of anonymity. Social media has certainly contributed to that as has the internet. I'm appalled at the number and vitriol of keyboard warriors.

Faith Freewom

Dang! How come the book isn't available on Amazon yet?!? I wanted to take advantage of that preorder price...

Patricia Rice

I can't agree with you more. The comparison to Hitler is particularly scary and one of the reasons I'm wondering how this works. Mesmer's "bouncing fluids" seemed as rational as any discussion out there right now. ;)

Patricia Rice

Sorry. Amazon has made pre-orders bad for authors. It will go up the week before release, I promise. All you have to do is remember! I really regret the delay and hope Amazon will soon see the error of their ways.


Since reading the article about phony authors ripping off real authors via the paid by page scam, I have avoided buying any Amazon exclusive books. Is there anything else we could do to support those in our favorite recreational profession regarding Amazon. Even sending opinion pieces to them somehow?

Patricia Rice

The world is full of pirates and con artists. All any of us can do is report a scam or pirate when we see one, and review good, original books whenever we have a chance.

Authors are limited in being able to review each other's books because Amazon takes down our reviews if they think we're "friends." And because most of us are, our reviews don't go far. So reader reviews are everything. I think most readers are smart and will find the real books once they understand what's happening. Thank you!

Faith Freewoman

LOL. Well, we can always hope...right? I totally get it about pre-orders and Amazon's ominous, unrelenting reminder emails. I'll put your book in my reminder app.

Patricia Rice

Thank you!

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