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Mary Jo Putney

This brings back good memories and it's only been 10 days! I was lucky enough to enjoy San Antonio with only a hour's time zone difference, which certainly made it easier. I'm glad you had such a fine time, since it' a clear sign that you need to come back for more conferences. *G*

Anne Gracie

Mary Jo, I'm still grinning about San Antonio β€” I had such a lovely time. And so many people have commented on how lovely that ANZ breakfast was, so maybe we should do it again.

I just need to take longer to get myself to the US -- maybe stopping off in Hawaii for a few days on the way to the mainland, so I'm not such a zombie.


RWA sounds like so much fun, even with jet lag. I loved San Antonio when I visited.

I'm mainly at work these days. For a change, I have two big writing projects there, one with a very high level audience/client. I'm co-writing with three people, so it's really exciting to see how good people can make me better.

Anne Gracie

Shannon, there is real joy β€” and perhaps some creative frustrationβ€” in writing with other people. I always find it stimulating, even when the other parties and I differ in our approach -- and in those differences there is always some good learning to be achieved. Best of luck with your projects.

Carol Marinelli

It was such a wonderful conference. I can't wait to see the cowboy boots in person when i get to Sydney on Saturday!! One of many highlights for me was the ANZ breakfast and meeting Mary Jo again. It really was lovely to all meet up and catch up. Just fantastic cxxx

Mary Jo Putney

Anne--I think the ANZ breakfast should definitely be done again. The good time wasn't dependent on any one person--Aussies and Kiwis carry fun with them! I hope there will be such gatherings in the future--and I hope I can be there as often as possible!

Annette N

I am from Texas so I am glad y'all had a good time. Y'all come back now, y'hear?

Anne Gracie

Carol it was such fun, I agree,
Thanks for dropping by, x

Anne Gracie

LOL, Annette, Id come back in a heartbeat. I loved it. Thank you.

Mary Jo Putney


It was lovely to see you again! Next time, we'll have to sit at the same end of the table so we can chat more. *G*


Glad to hear the humidity wasn't awful for you Annie! I live just north of Austin, TX and we don't generally get as high humidity as San Antonio. Houston has it much worse.

At the moment I'm in Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. It is beautiful up here! We did a 12 mile hike today and if I weren't hungry, I'd be asleep. :-D


Janga here, waving back. :) I loved reading your account of the conference, Anne, and the photos are great. I've never been to San Antonio, but all the conference attendees whose comments I have read have been so enthusiastic that I am persuaded I should visit.

Today I am enjoying some rare free time, reading a handful of ARCs of Christmas romances, and relishing all the signed books that my friend the wonderfully thoughtful PJ sent me from the conference. My signed copies of The Winter Bride and Dangerous Joy have a special place on a keeper shelf. Thanks to you and Jo.


I think this is a wonderful post (love your jacket in the first photo), and I really hope that the jet lag improves. After some bad experiences I always check the radio-clock thing in a new hotel room. Nowadays some TVs can be set to come on as an alarm clock, too; I'm still not sure how I turned that one off!

I was sorry you didn't win a RITA, but you certainly made the most of being at the conference. Hope the Aussie one is just as much fun.


Thank you for a wonderful post! I feel as if I attended, and am sorry that I didn't. Great pictures too. Enjoy the Australian conference, and try to catch up on your sleep! Writers need sleep to refresh those creative brain cells. ;-)


Anne: So glad you had a great time in San Antonio. We have a house about 40 minutes north of there and will be moving there permanently when retirement arrives in about 4 years. The Riverwalk is a great place to eat, drink and people watch. My friend overheard some gals saying they weren't going down to the heart of the Riverwalk because they heard it wasn't safe, but I think it's the safest place in town. They surely missed some great margaritas!


This is a very interesting issue for all of us who cannot go to a RWA conference.
I'm one of those that -usually- prefer beta heroes to Alpha Heroes, so will you publish anything about that debate? Do you know any place where we can read about it?

Vanessa Barneveld

Ah, your post brought back such great memories of the conference and San Antonio, Anne. Loved seeing you there. :) Thanks again so much for inviting me to brekky β€” I was quite starstruck!

Anne Gracie

Glenda, I enjoyed San Antonio so much. For me the heat was quite dry easily and bearable, but some other authors didn't agree with me. *g* Your hike sounds beautiful -- I didn't get to see much of the countryside, alas.

Anne Gracie

Janga, you were certainly missed -- and there in spirit, having dinner with PJ and me. Hope you enjoy the books. San Antonio is a lovely place to visit β€” I'd encourage anyone to go there.

Anne Gracie

Thanks, HJ -- the clock in the room was a kind I'd never come across before and wasn't exactly intuitive to operate. Even after I unplugged it, it still went off!
Thanks for your good wishes, but I was very happy to be included in the finalist line-up, and I had a lovely time celebrating with my friends who did win.
The Aussie conference was a blast, thank you β€” our conferences are always a lot of fun.

Anne Gracie

Thanks, Donna, I'm, back at work now, thanks, working hard on the next story.

Anne Gracie

MJ I wandered all around the riverwalk area all on my own and found it very safe and comfortable and interesting. I ate some great food, drank one or two fine margaritas, heard some good music and honestly, I couldn't have been happier. I thought it was brilliant.

Anne Gracie

Hi Bona -- I'm not sure if we'll publish anything about the debate β€” it was primarily an entertainment and there was a good deal of laughter and joshing around. But it has raised some thoughts β€” I really think we need better definitions of alpha and beta heroes. The wenches have been discussing it off line.

Anne Gracie

Vanessa, it was great that you could come. It was a lovely gathering, wasn't it?


Wonderful memories of a great conference in San Antonio! I had such a lovely time visiting with you, Anne. Our dinner was one of the highlights of my week. And the margaritas weren't bad either! *grin*

I hope RWA takes the conference back to San Antonio in the future. It really was a terrific location.

Anne Gracie

It was a wonderful location, PJ -- and I had a great time with you, too. Thank you.

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