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I'll think about yesterday, since the only good thing that's happened so far is that I woke up. Wait a minute. That's a VERY good thing.

And come to think of it, my husband brought home a Christmas plate from his office with a tiny loaf of poppy seed bread I just had for my breakfast, something I love and never make myself. Good thing #2.

And I made a list of things I have to do before Sunday. I remembered everything (I think) and I don't feel overwhelmed. Good thing #3, and I've only been awake thirty minutes.

And, good thing #4 (I'm beginning to feel like Martha Stewart)... finding the Word Wenches this year to start my day in a thought-provoking, sometimes educational, always entertaining manner! Happy Holidays to you all!


A lovely idea, Mary Jo!

I had breakfast this morning with two of my grandnephews (three and five)--Good thing #1.

The five year old sang his favorite Christmas song that begins

'Twas the night befor Christmas
my true love gave to me
a party in a pear tree.

This was not the first time he has sung the gem, but every time he does, I burst into laughter--Good thing #2.

The three year old had emergency surgery just before Thanksgiving, but he is super OK now--Good Thing (the best thing) #3.

If I do this throughout the day, I just may survive the last few bits of shopping I have to do on this rainy day in Georgia.

susannac in alabama

It's a lovely idea, Mary Jo! I try to enjoy the little things every day, because there's just so much there if you look.

Good thing #1 - my nieces - 4 & 6 - spent most of yesterday with me, watching videos, coloring, baking and eating cookies. They're delightful girls. The youngest periodically climbs into my lap, hugs me and says, "I wuv you, Aunt Susanna!" Can't top that.

Good thing #2 - All my Christmas shopping is done! That includes the shopping I did for my mom and dad, since they've been sick lately.

Good thing #3 - The fog that has wisped and curled over the fields and roads lately. It's both lovely and spooky, giving me lots of story ideas.

Good thing #4 - Story ideas! I entertain myself endlessly making up stories to use whatever I'm seeing at the moment - fog, a sheer cliff, a profusion of blossoms, a sunset so beautiful it hurts to look at it. It's a wonderful thing to have an imaginative mind.

Happy holidays to all of you :).

Nina P

Mary Jo... what a wonderful idea. Let’s see... I’m pretty sure I can’t keep it to three.

#1. I woke up in my own bed this morning! and will do so for the next 10 days. (I've been on the road since Thanksgiving, save the weekends)

#2. Drake, my GSD, pounced me awake this am. Nothing like being slobbered into consciousness by a very energetic, 7 month old, 65 pound German Shepard puppy.

#3. I just celebrated 20 years with my husband, a very gallant knight who happily defends (and cleans up) the castle.

#4. Nearly every day that I was away my daughter either called or sent me a funny email card.

… and #5, I had the Word Wenches and the wenchling community to keep me sane while out on the lonely road. Thank you!

Hugs and Christmas joy to everyone. May you know peace this Holiday Season.

--the littlest wenchling, glad to be home.


Good idea, Mary Jo!
But what about those of us who get off on kvetching?
Hmm, let's see:
I put up a bird feeder last year and attracted a mass of cardinals, a yell of buejays,and a whole lot more colorful happy birdies.
They, in turn, attracted a pair of redtail hawks. Birds with shoulders, and appetites.
And so I don't feed the birds anymore because I don't like running a hot/cold buffet.

But seriously, I'm always up to something new. I will try to think of three good things a day.

Here they are today:
my friendships
my family
new babies
and you guys
There's lots more!
I hope you have them too.

Susan Wilbanks

Three good things, from the past 24 hours:

1. Yesterday on my lunch hour I visited a wonderful used bookstore, complete with three plump cats, and walked out with two new research books.

2. This morning I found little girl tights at my local drugstore, replacing the ones my husband bought at Babies-R-Us a few weeks ago and I sorta kinda accidentally threw away. (In my defense, there was some empty packaging from other things he'd bought in the bag, so I thought it was all trash.) The Walgreen's find saves me from having to fight the crowds at Babies-R-Us, for which I'm intensely grateful.

3. There's chocolate in the break room from one of our vendors.


Oh my Kitty tends to give me a few good things everyday to consider. LOL :)



How nice to read about everyone's good things for the day! Edith, if you enjoy kvetching, you can list a nice kvetch among your day's total of good things. :)

Pets are usually good for providing lots of good moments every day.

Mary Jo, understanding the desire not to provide a birdie buffet to the hawks. Let 'em hunt on their own.


From MJP:

My bird feeder has been up for two days, and already the squirrels have knocked over my ceramic goose and also the platform I put out for the ground feeding birds. I think the Good Thing that squirrels celebrate every day is how cute they are. Think of how much less tolerant we'd be if they looked like Norway rats!

Mary Jo


Three Very Good Things:
1. Shattered Rainbows
2. Viscount Vagabond/Devil's Delilah
3. Stealing Sophie

Three Better Things: The creative, classy--and kind--Wenches who wrote them!

Diane Perkins

This is a wonderful idea, Mary Jo!
Three good things.
I went shopping with my daughter, always a pleasure.
My friend had a breast biopsy today but got through it well and expects good results.
Another friend sold to Mills & Boon Historical!
Cheers and Merry Christmas,

Read Diane's Regency Christmas novella, "A Twelfth Night Tale" by Diane Gaston in Mistletoe Kisses.


Diane--what a particular nice list of Good Things--especially your friend's good outlook, and the other friend's first sale. YAYYYY!

Mary Jo


All the holiday activity you speak of makes me late commenting on a terrific, much needed and appreciated post, Mary Jo.

I watched my grandniece eat her first birthday cake by fistfuls (but left before the--er--consequences). Listened to wonderful music by an artist I recently discovered, Misia. Watched a terrific BBC DVD on Egypt.


This is all very positive! Check out the blog I started this year based on this idea. Feedback and links are welcome. Link up if you or someone you know has a blog with the same concept. Cheers, http://3for365.blogspot.com/

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