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Mary Jo Putney

So true that frantic writers don't get Labor Day off! This one certainly doesn't. But holiday honoring the American worker is indeed a good thing, especially since Americans are some of the hardest working people in the world.

I was another one who loved getting back to school--maybe it's a Nerd Thing. :) I was happy when school let out in June, but I was even happier to start the new year, with new challenges, books, and lessons. Besides, living on a farm got kinda boring in the summer.

Here's a toast to the tortoises and the hares, even the maddest of March hares, who labor to create our words and our world--

Mary Jo

Susan Sarah

Susan, interesting post and some very good points about process, which vastly differs from one writer to another, and from one tortoise or hare to another (I'm a mad March hare also, but of a different sort). And you are one of the most madly efficient, madly creative mad hares I've ever known! How I wish I could write on my bed, or wherever I am, and think up stories while chopping veggies. That takes enormous focus, and you're very good at that.

Yeah, writers don't get pre-determined holidays like most of America's hard workers...but we can take a day off whenever we feel like it...if those pages are done....

Susan Sarah


Happy Labor Day to all! And don't forget--no more white shoes!

Allow me to present each Wench (virtually) with one of these for her very own:



Thanks for the box of crayons, Tal -- how did you know that was exactly what I needed? :)




It's not a wall, Tal.
It's a MURAL!!


Very clever, Susan! Isn't it wonderful what you can do with a really BIG box of Crayola crayons?


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